When it comes to soil testing prior to the construction of your home, accuracy and thoroughness is the only answer. While our process is detailed, here are just three important aspects of our service:

1. QST tests every block. Soil reactivity can vary greatly over short distances. Testing is the only way to be certain.

2. QST tests to additional depths where trees are present in order to correctly calculate their influence on the proposed buildings

3. QST collects all of its own samples and tests these in its own laboratory in Brisbane, nothing is left to change.

There are many other steps in the QST quality process. Once thing you can be sure of is accuracy and professionalism. This is our Guarantee!


A buildings footings are essential for the longevity of the structure. Footings need to be appropriately designed to suite the soil they are in. If this step is not done correctly it can lead to ugly cracking and even structural damage to the building itself.

At QST, our Soil Technicians, Drafts People and Engineers all work closely together to ensure that you receive a reliable outcome that you can depend on. All of our work is completed in strict compliance with the Australian Standard AS 2870. There is no challenge that the team at QST cant handle with confidence and certainty.



QSTs drill rigs are mounted on late model Toyota Landcruisers. This makes them ideal for getting into tights spots in CBD area or around infrastructure projects. QST is able to hire out its drill rigs with operators for geotechnical and environmental drilling