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QST is a full-service drilling, soil testing, drafting, Engineering design and Surveying company. By focusing on quality, thoroughness and accuracy, QST delivers a level of quality that is second to none in the industry.

QST has been providing professional services in South East Qld since 2003.

Listed below are QST’s professional memberships and a recent interview with QST’s Managing Director, Dave Hardy.

An Interview with QST Group Managing Director, Dave Hardy

Interviewer: Welcome, its James McNamara here and today I am speaking with Dave Hardy, Managing Director of Qld Soil Testing. David, his co-Directors and their extended team are totally focused on providing the most accurate and thorough soil testing and foundation design service for the residential housing market in South East Qld. I’ve asked David to come on and talk to us about his services today and some of the important things that people may not know about soil testing and foundation design services. Welcome along David and thanks for joining us …

David: Thanks James, great to be here sharing how we can best help home owners and builders in the South East.

Interviewer: Let’s start at the beginning David, in terms of building a family home, what’s a soil test and foundation design and why is it important?

David: The amount of steel and concrete needed in the slab is dependent on the soil type. At a basic level, different soils move differently due to a number of varying reasons. There may be clay type soils which will shrink or swell with the changing seasons or your land may be in an area affected by old mines or landslip. The purpose of the soil test is to identify all these issues and provide an appropriate Classification of the site. We test the soil using one of our 4WD mounted drilling rigs and carry out any appropriate testing of the soil in our Laboratory. From both the on-site and Laboratory results obtained as well as a desktop study of the site, the appropriate Site Classification is applied to the site which then allows for a design of the most cost effective solution for the footing system. And of course, the footing system is an essential part of any building. We ALWAYS design to the correct building standard to reduce the risk of excessive movement and costly repairs required in the future.

Interviewer: David, under what circumstances do people typically come to you?

David: People often ask us to do a soil test before they buy a block of land. They’ll typically make the purchase subject to soil test. This is very wise as once the contract is unconditional it is too late to be finding out that there are significant extra costs such as the presence of extremely reactive soils present requiring a more significant footing system or difficulty in carrying out earthworks due to the presence of rock. There is nothing worse than seeing the planning of your dream home come to a grinding halt because you are faced with extra costs you are not able to budget for and you are left with a block of land you can’t afford to do anything with.

Then, because we have the soil test, people ask us to continue the process and design the footings for their chosen house plan that will suit the particular soils on their block. Builders use us regularly to do this for their clients too. We work with both large project builders and smaller boutique builders too.

Interviewer: David, are all soil tests created equal? Is the process the same each time?

David: Well James, there are certain processes that lead to the most accurate results. If you short cut those processes in any way then you also sacrifice accuracy and ultimately risk the structural integrity of your home. Our technicians follow a thorough 9-step process for producing accurate test results that you can depend on.

Interviewer: Do you do all aspects of the process in-house or do you outsource some aspects of it to others?

David: Our specialist team completes all aspects of the process. A family home is just too important to risk any inaccuracies on. Our trained soil technicians drill the sites and collect the soil samples for testing in our in-house laboratory. Our senior qualified personnel then conduct the classification process. Finally, our drafting team designs the footings in close consultation with our Engineers and ultimately our qualified Senior Engineers review and sign off on all designs before they go to the customer.

Interviewer: David, it sounds like you have put together a very thorough process. What geographical areas and building types do you cover?

David: Firstly, we test and design for residential building … people’s homes. We cover all of South East Queensland from Gympie to Coolangatta and out to Toowoomba.

Interviewer: Thanks for taking time out David to speak with me today. If people want to make contact with you and your team, how do they do that?

David : They can call us directly on 07 3857 0202 or visit our site at qstgroup.com.au. Our dedicated team is ready to help people through the process of Surveying, Soil Testing and Footing design, the foundations of their new home.

Interviewer : Thanks David.